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You never know who you can trust...

Camille Isaacs has all that Hollywood devours - likeability, looks, talent, and mass appeal. Her career is on the verge of stardom until a savage attack leaves Camille scarred and uncertain of her future in Hollywood. Now on the mend and getting her life and career back on track, Camille finds herself prey to a predator as she is faced with another demented attacker. Camille has a choice to make. Take her life back, or succumb to the perils that have been thrusted in front of her yet again. Is the attacker coming for revenge, or is it a copycat? It's survival of the direst circumstance. Can she make it out a second time?

About Me



Ingrid St. John, author, songwriter, singer, film enthusiast, and owner of her own production company, 1287 Pictures, is a woman that is hard to pin down. She is a multi-talented, creative dynamo from which ideas flow steady enough to often keep her up nights. Ingrid was born in San Jose, California, and as early as four years old showed such an aptitude and joy in dancing and singing that her parents enrolled her in ballet and vocal classes. She also learned piano, and was soon playing recitals and for her own enjoyment. Some years later, it was the action thriller 1986 film Aliens that jump-started her enthusiasm for movies and her desire to become an actress. Ingrid began gaining valuable experience in film production during the four years she spent in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Upon her return to San Jose, Ingrid put her newly honed production skills to work by hosting and producing a popular local television show Peninsula View. Among her interviews was New York Times Bestselling author Catherine Coulter, and popular radio host Chuy Gomez from top San Francisco radio station KMEL. She also became a contributing writer and photographer for San Francisco’s City Flight Magazine, all while receiving her Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from The University of Phoenix.

After accomplishing her goals in the Bay Area, Ingrid decided it was time to relocate to Los Angeles and revitalize her passion for acting and films. She appeared in several popular sitcoms, and starred as the lead in an important film titled D.I.D (Dissociative Identity Disorder), which told the story of a mother battling her mental illness. D.I.D garnered her a nomination for best lead actress for the Las Vegas Film Festival.

Most recently, having a strong desire to control her film and musical interests, Ingrid has formed 1287 Pictures and 1287 Publishing, a production company and music publishing company that will create and develop her own ventures. She is currently turning her just-released novella, “Haunted,” a riveting psychological thriller, into a screenplay, and is also developing an animated series yet to be titled.

As for her music, Ingrid has recorded a well-received song titled “Free (I Live My Life),” the first of a planned EP of original songs featuring her eclectic style.

A talented entertainer and astute businesswoman, Ingrid St. John continues to succeed on her own terms. 


What Inspires Me

Imagery, and music have always been a part of my life. Sometimes i write to music, other times images come to me and it inspires a concept and it grows from there. 


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